Richard P. Hughes
Managing Director, Catylis Properties Pty Ltd
Richard P. Hughes | Managing Director, Catylis Properties Pty Ltd

Richard P. Hughes is the Managing Director of Catylis Properties Pty Ltd, a renowned property development management company offering top of the line solutions, contract negotiations, identification of opportunities, and risk management and investment services.

"Catylis Properties Pty Ltd was established in 2002 as part of the Catylis Group. We are an independent privately owned company providing development management and property consultancy services as well as invest in property development opportunities.

"Catylis Properties business is to advise private investors, financial institutions, listed property trusts, corporate owners of real estate and other specialist consulting firms. We identify opportunity, manage risk, create value and ultimately deliver Intelligent Solutions to property development projects that result in investments for our clients and partners.

"The commitment, experience, expertise and integrity of our team have resulted in long-term strategic relationships with partners and clients."

A pronounced background in property development, and large, green-field and brown-field development projects allows Mr. Hughes to expertly and efficiently execute and carry out commercial, industrial and residential projects. He handles planning, and assists investors and financiers with property development or management projects in Australia, the Middle East or Asia.

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Richard P. Hughes
Managing Director
Catylis Properties Pty Ltd
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